In 2019 I went on a trip down memory lane. 

Flew to Rooikop airport, hired a car and got lodgings on the Esplanade overlooking the Lagoon, just a few blocks away from where I grew up.
I spent a few days in town and about. Duin 7 and drove out into the desert to Vogelflederberg. All on my own.

Teamed up with family on a fishing expedition staying in Hentiesbaai.  Willem and Susan Agenbach and friend Dawid Saayman. We toured the Swakop River and surrounding area, staying over in Goanikontes. 

Then using Henties as our base, fishing and traveling up the Skeleton coast and to places like Cape Cross. All this courtesy host Willem and Susan and the culinary expertise of Dawid.


Opgedra aan die vir wie hierdie foto's waarde sal hê.


Gallery of photos   


A work in progress...



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